Austin Hippie event meets Germany’s finest engineers
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We are a community of German geeks promoting German Engineering in tech. We build international brigdes between startups, established Fortune 500 companies, governments and investors. You'll find us at the most important conventions.
Next Stop: SXSW 2015, Austin.

Probably* the best mixture of technology and entertainment since Knight Rider

* First high-level estimation of 98,785%, Source: Own data

The Marshall plan supported us viz our infrastructure, David Hasselhoff united our country by singing down the Vall. 25 years later it’s time to say:



Germans are not world-renowned for diplomatic words; nerds are even less flowery with their language.

So, let’s put this straight: We’ve seen some SXSWs and it is a disastrous hippie event: Music at every corner, everyone’s staying out late at night and too many people laughing and chatting inefficiently while there is so much more to live at a convention (like coding or making real business).

No worries, Austin: We get on like a house on fire. How could we not love the home country of Knight Rider, Baywatch and Al Bundy?

Zis time, it’s on us to help. Get ready for your dose of German efficiency, German IT Kraut is here to save your event. We offer you the precision of a cuckoo clock paired with pure “no-speed-limit” execution power.

Putting the pedal to the metal we’ll bring ten hand picked representatives from German tech scene to Austin. Accompanied by international VCs, politics and established leaders from Germany’s Fortune 500 industry. Our first experiment in 2014, the “Interactive Dating Game”, resulted in a factor 2.4 better business networking effect while keeping the fun factor constant.

In 2015 we will add 3 more modules, certainly leading to an Autobahn of efficiency and fun.

Ich hatte nichts mit dem Mauerfall zu tun!



Will be announced very soonish...

Delegation 2015

Rockstars already joined the IT Kraut and participants of the official SXSW 2015 Startup Dating Game Panel in Austin

Jan Kus

CEO Railslove GmbH &

Tobias Schiwek

‎Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program at Bertelsmann

Ralph Christoph

cologne on pop GmbH

Daniel Brückner

Project & Innovation Manager UFA LAB

Jan Rödger


Parker Thompson

Partner at 500 Startups

Dr. Nazim Cetin

Vice President at Bertelsmann

Nikolas Schriefer


Michael Schütz


Konstantin Rohleder


Deutschland in Texas!


We need help, Nuff said! If you want to support us or collaborate with the KRAUT, please feel free and drop us a line:

Why? Continue reading!

Wir brauchen dich!

Being German means being organized. And we are organized. We’d love to connect more people and make this a journey that will enhance our success from 2014. To do so, we give away sponsorship opportunities. Talk to us directly, if you want to support this delegation journey of top notch techies, established industry veterans and journalists.

We are looking for:
Funding of the IT Kraut trip to provide startups with flights, tickets and housing
Any kind of support like flights, housing, transportation, etc.
Prices for the Dating Game

What’s in for you?
72,000 high-level professionals connected in the Music, Film and Interactive industries
Enormous international press coverage
We will be making noise for 10 days 24/7, blogging every day
We will have X issues at one of the most important German Podcasts “Daily coffe break” with an estimated reach of over 10k.
Your name will be shown and mentioned at our web site, the podcast, on stage in the German Haus, on stage at the official SXSW Dating Game
We will spread marketing material to all attendees at the German Haus
Optional: Living with X representatives in the “Nerd Haus” and utilizing our knowledge and network (talking about actual people AND the wifi)
Optional: Create your own campaign around the “IT Kraut Nerd Haus”
Optional: One day consultancy/recap of the event by one of our IT Krauts back home in your office

Join IT Kraut!

„Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.“ -- Albert Einstein, German Nerd

We will take you from your office to Austin, our mutual spirit will take us further.


We’ll give you strong exposure to international VCs, Fortune 500 executives and German Politics. Some selected participants will get free tickets, free flights and free housing.

Do you run a startup and want to join our ride in 2015?
Did you close a Series A funding?
Are you striving for your next round?
Feel free to apply below.

Other support?

Would you like to join our trip and profit from the IT Kraut network?
You’re not a startup, but feel like the perfect match anyway?
We are happy to form a bunch of good people. Drop us a line why you are the right one and what you are willing to contribute!


True German SXSW lovers, engineers and salesmans! Born for running things on time, efficient and supersmart!

Ralph Christoph


Johannes Heck

German Engineer

Jan Kus


Tobias Schiwek


Daniel Brückner

Head of Media

Jan Rödger

DOP Excellence

If you're want to help out - don't hesitate to contact us. We need every hand. Call or email Jan directly:
Jan Kus
by land:
by air: +491791353539